Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Halloween

There is never just one day of Halloween at the Medina household. This is almost a week festivity, with usually more than one costume. Of course if I had my way, we just sit at home and pass out candy, and be done. But the kids love, love, love...did I say love their candy.

Our first pass is Trunk or Treat at our church. The kids dress up in costume, go to the church parking lot, and go trick-or-treating out of the trunks of the cars...hense TRUNK or Treat. We start off with a small dinner...this year it's navajo tacos...YUM, and smokey rootbeer. This year we also had a member come out and DJ, so the kids were dancing in the streets. Then they finish the night Trunk or Treating, over and over, until their bags are stuffed. They have so much fun, and we know the candy is safe.
Our second pass is Big Nana's nursing home. The kids and grandkids of all the elderly in the home come and go trick or treating up and down the halls. They have a spooky story time and costume contest in the main living room. The elderly men and women just love this time of year, to be able to see all the kids in their costumes...especially their loved ones. Big Nana was so excited to see Joseph and the kids, she couldn't stop crying. When she hugged Joseph, she wouldn't let go. She didn't want him to leave. It even brought a tear to my son, Caleb's eyes. He was very moved. The girls did a few cheers for Big Nana, and we visited a while. It breaks my heart to see her so lonely. We really need to visit her more often.Our third pass is the kids school's Character Celebration. The kids have to dress up like a character from their favorite book. I was not about to go out and buy yet, another costume just for this event. So, we dug for our "books" to match their costumes, and away they went. It is only for the 1st-6th graders, so Abigail didn't get to participate. As you can see, we went the easy way out, and stuck with what they already had...sports uniforms :) Caleb's class had a party as well that day, where they went from station to station, building scarecrows, skeletons, pumpkin race, frosting cookies, and pumpkin pie eating contest. Caleb's team won the skeleton contest...
And our last but definitely not least pass....the actual Halloween night. At this point, they had already had plenty of candy, so no need to trick or treat a ton. We did go up and down our street and one other street. Caleb only went down our street, then came home and played catch with dad, who was handing out candy at our home. We hung out, in front, passing out candy, listening to music, and playing catch, until the streets died down. Then finished the night back in the house, counting and separating the candy. We don't let them keep all of their candy, so we separate it, letting them keep some of their favorites. Then the rest goes back in the pantry for occassional snacking. All in all, it was a very fun and festive week for the kids. And I'm ready for it to be over...lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Football, Football, and more Football - Oct, 2008

Hut, Hut, HIKE! That's what has been ringing in Caleb's ear this Fall. As the star Center, Defensive Lineman, Offensive Lineman, and an occassional Tight End, Caleb has played some serious Football.
Caleb played both offensive and defensive, coming out for maybe 1 play each half. He was the definite strength on the team, and the Team Captain and leader as well. He's just a natural leader, has the smarts, and definitely has the size.
This is Caleb's first year at tackle football (at 9 years old), and you would think he'd been playing for years.

I didn't get to watch as many games I would have liked, since I was running Madelyn to her games, but when I did watch, I tried to take as many pictures as I could...and to cheer my BIG GUY on to victory.
It sure was fun watching him play...especially watching him block 3 guys at the same time, as seen below. What a proud parent I was watching him.

I read a quote and instantly thought of him...."A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into useful skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals." Caleb definitely has a natural talent. And he also has the passion and the hard work ethics in whatever he does. He is going to bring me so much joy watching him in his talents in the years to come.

Madelyn's Soccer Debut with Arsenal - Sept, 2008

For a very short time, we switched Madelyn to 2000 Arsenal Premier. We thought it would be good to have her play with her own age. She had some good training sessions over the summer, and improved her skills with Coach Daryl.

This was the one and only tourney she played in with Arsenal. They took 2nd place in the CCV Stars Tourney at Reach 11. They killed a few teams 17-0. The championship game was a little closer, losing 0-1. Madelyn played well.

However, for many reasons, we felt it was best to move her back to Barcelona, with Coach Jimmy. Thank goodness Jimmy took her back...
It was like she never skipped a beat. She jumped right in and was back on track in no time. And not 1 month after we moved her back to Barca, Coach Daryl was let go from Arsenal. So, it looks like it was a great move, just in the knick of time.

She made some good friends, and learned new skill sets. However, she and the team/coach was just not a good match for her. We also felt it was better for Madelyn, and the way she plays, to continue to play up a year. She seems to play tougher/more aggressive with the 10 year olds, than with the 8-9 year olds, as you can see in this picture.
And we love Coach Jimmy and what he has done with her and the team. It was quite ironic that her first tourney back with Barca, they faced Arsenal 99 Premier, Gene's team. She went from playing with 2000 Premier to playing 'against' 99 Premier.
Madelyn played awesome, and the team finished in 1st place, beating Gene's team in double OT, resulting in shoot outs.
It really does feel good and comforting to be back with Barcelona. Everyone welcomed us back with open arms, which was a definite bonus. Looking forward to a great season ahead...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skateland, Here We Come

Ready or not Skateland, here we come. Skateland had a Labor Day special, and since the kids were off school, decided to take them for some skating fun. Caleb and Madelyn have skated maybe twice in their life, and Abigail has never skated, but is dying to try her Heely's she got for her birthday. So, we picked up Madelyn's girlfriend, Hannah and away we went.
I remember growing up, and skating, skating, skating. We would even make our own skateland in our driveway. We loved skating. And here my children can barely stand up with skates on. It is such good exercise and so fun...
The girls seemed to do more skating...although this was Hannah's first time, so she was just learning. I even put Caleb's skates on (yes, my 9 year old son wears the same size shoe as me :), and went around the rink with Hannah and Madelyn a few times. Madelyn was actually doing quite well. Caleb did well, but wasn't into it as much. He was more interested in the video games...go figure.
My original intent was not to have Abigail skate...just hang with Mom (we didn't even rent skates for her). But she decided she wanted to go out there in her Heely's, so away we went. Not sure if we were allowed to do this, but we did it anyway, and noone said anything to us... Abigail didn't want to stop...she wanted to keep going around and around. I think she actually skated more than any of the others. She had a blast.
The girls, with their skates off went out and did the Hokey Pokey when the Skateland Dinosaur came out. And they even went around, "pretending" to skate with their shoes on. It was kinda funny actually...until they got caught.
So, I guess we need to visit the skating rink a little more often...for some exercise and fun. We'll have to plan a family trip...I would love to see Joseph in skates :)

Happy 35th Birthday Daddy!

Yep, the old man is having another birthday! He turns 35...and wants nothing more than to spend time with his family. Him and I even went out for his birthday the weekend before, so on his "birthday weekend" (or should I say birthday week...around here, we have birthday week), he could spend it with his family.

So, Friday night we let the kids choose dinner (with a little help from Mom), and we went to Red Robin. Then came home and watched a movie as a family. Saturday night, after all the sports saga was over, we let the kids choose dinner again (with no help this time), and we ended up at Peter Piper Pizza. Joseph had just as much fun as the kids by the way :) Sunday, after church, we just hung out as a family, then bbq'ed ranchera meat, made homemade salsa, nacho cheese and chips, the whole works - YUM! The kids played soccer in the backyard (one of the favorite things to do with Dad).
Jacob and Abby spent more time tackling eachother. Dad, as always, was permanent goalie.
Even Bella and Jazmin played a little ball.
After a nice dinner, we sang Happy Birthday with a cupcake that Mom worked so hard on (ha).
And Dad even let Abby blow out the candle.
Then Dad let everyone else have a birthday candle and sing Happy Birthday to them. Especially since Jacob thinks it's his birthday anytime you sing the song. (He wants to know where his happy birthday is.)
It was a perfect weekend for Joseph, doing exactly what he wanted to do, to be with his family. He absolutely loves his kids and puts them first above all else. He can be in the middle of a Dallas Cowboys Superbowl game, and if the kids ask him to come play soccer in the backyard, he will drop everything for them and not even blink an eye (or shed a tear :). And they (and me) are so thankful to have such a loving, caring, thoughtful, unselfish Dad.

Joseph is the backbone of our family, the one who reminds us that it is all about family. He is the most unselfish man I know...buys nothing for himself and only thinks of his children. For his birthday, I asked him what he wanted...his reply verbatum: "I want a cute outfit for my girls from Justice, a video game for my big guy (Caleb), a special toy for my little guy (Jacob), and a purse for my wife." Need I say more...he is the best and I thank the Lord everyday for bringing him to me. I love you Honey!

The Monster in the Middle

That's the name the opposing team has given him anyway...The Monster in the Middle. He is a lean, mean, fighting machine...okay, maybe not lean...but definitely mean! Most of the teams he has faced, he is usually the biggest kid out there. There was a team with a few "Caleb's" on their team, which was quite obvious they went out and recruited. But he was still double-teamed the whole game...and Caleb still produced.
Most of the teams get very frustrated with Caleb, because they can't get past him on offense, and he blows through people on defense. They don't know what to do with him, and they can't stop him. He's had 3 QB sacks, 2 fumble recovery's, caused 3 fumbles, and several touch down assists...and there has only been 3 games so far this season. He even got to run the ball 4 times last game, for 25 yards. He absolutely loved that. Caleb's not my fastest child, but he has great hands, he has good movement, and he's just BIG. Kids are hanging on to him and he's still running. He is really loving the game of Football...I always knew it was his passion!
I unfotunately don't have pictures because I'm usually off with Madelyn at her events while Joseph takes Caleb to his. The one time I brought my camera, my batteries died...I was so upset. Hopefully I'll get some pics before the season is over. And hopefully he continues to CRUSH his opposing teams :)

Hilarious Hat Day

Every week Abigail's class focuses on a letter of the alphabet...and everything they do that week is based on that letter. Well, this week happened to be H week...so for Friday she got to decorate a Hilarious Hat and have a Hilarious Hat Parade.
She was so proud of her hat, and so were we. Mom thinks she had the best hat there...or should I say the most Hilarious Hat :)
Abigail just loves school and is so excited to go everyday. She loves taking her lunch, packing her backpack, making her own water bottle. She has totally stepped up and is so big and responsible. It makes me a little sad that she's growing up, but I'm so proud of her and her growth.
Mrs. Lang says she's doing absolutely wonderful. She is kind, considerate, respectful, and she is doing great academically. She is a leader in her class and friends with everyone. She is also the first to clean up and help everyone else clean up. She kinda takes control and helps get things done. We are so proud of our Abigail Morgan!